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Recomendações de leitura
Young People and Politics: Political Engagement in the Anglo-American Democracies. Aaron J. Martin. Routledge. May 2012.  (Apresentação de Jacqueline Briggs, em British Politics and Policy at LSE)

The chapters provide a fascinating insight into the topic of young people and politics but, of particular interest, is the detailed discussion of the political engagement facilitated via the internet. This new channel for political participation and political communication is discussed in an analytical and thought-provoking manner. The topic is given added relevance when one considers the way young people adopt new technology and are often at the forefront of its usage. New technology has the potential to facilitate the political socialisation process. The speed and ease of access mean that political messages can spread around the globe in a nanosecond. Witness, the 2011 Arab Spring and the way in which young people were at the forefront of that wave of protest and political action. An interesting aspect of internet usage, however, is the participatory inequality, not just in terms of who can access the internet but also in relation to what usage they make of it. This is to say that those young people more likely to participate in politics per se are precisely the young people who will participate via the internet. As Martin states, ‘… the more educated and politically interested (i.e. precisely those who would participate in politics regardless of the internet) are the group most likely to be politically engaged on the internet’ (p.113). ‘Twas, ever thus!

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