Ideias para aumentar a confiança dos trabalhadores

Dani Rodrik recorda que se tem feito muito pelo aumento da confiança no sistema financeiro e pouco pelo aumento da confiança dos trabalhadores. No seu blogue propõs um incentivo fiscal desenhado com a preocupação de incentivar o emprego em tempo de crise de confiança dos trabalhadores: Why not try to deal with the looming unemployment problem, and the huge sense of risk and uncertainty it creates, more directly? What I have in mind is subsidizing employment directly by providing employers incentives to keep people on the job. We could imagine for example a scheme whereby firms received tax incentives on a sliding scale in relation to the size of their payroll. If you reduce your payroll, you get nothing. If you keep it unchanged, you get tax benefits. If you increase it, you get even more tax benefits. This would allow firms to dismiss employees who are not performing and would not interfere greatly with the normal churning of the workforce. Firms could still lay off workers, but they would now have an incentive to hire enough new workers to make up for the reduction in their payroll. The idea is to target employment more directly and to deal head-on with the most severe consequence of a recession: job loss or the fear thereof. We have had a lot of thought on how to increase confidence in the financial system. We also need to think some of about the loss of confidence on the part of ordinary workers. So call this a worker confidence enhancement plan.

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